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Ever imagine flying a helicopter? Well now you can! With Total Flight Solutions we have the helicopters and instructors to help you fulfill your dream of becoming a helicopter pilot. Offering individualized instruction, our Part 61 flight school can bring you from zero flight time to helicopter pilot in no time. We offer the following training in both Louisburg, NC and Pinehurst, NC.

Introductory Flight

Interested in becoming a helicopter pilot? This is the first step. An introductory flight is your first flight lesson consisting of 1/2 hr ground lesson and 1/2 hr flight lesson with one of our Certified Flight Instructors (CFI). The intro flight serves as the gateway to becoming a helicopter pilot and is perfect for those looking to get behind the controls of a helicopter.

Private Pilot

During our private pilot ground course you will learn the basics of aerodynamics, communications, weather, FAA regulation and much more. The flight portion of the course will teach you how to fly! We cover all you need and more to become a safe and successful aviator. Utilizing standard training techniques we provide the most cost effective and safe training available.

Instrument Rating

Training for the Instrument rating teaches the pilot to fly in limited visibility, fog & clouds. You will learn to maneuver the helicopter by reference to instruments. In addition to enhancing your piloting skills, you will enhance your confidence and safety.  An Instrument Rating is required for most professional flying careers.

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Commercial Helicopter Pilot

Looking for a career in aviation? At Total Flight Solutions we use a combination of situational training and time building to ensure your ready to be a commercial helicopter pilot. This includes getting you to the minimum 150 hours requried by the FAA to to get your commercial pilot certificate.

Certified Flight Instructor

Whats better then being a helicopter pilot? Giving back to the aviation community by teaching others. Through rigorous training we will help you attain your dream of obtaining your CFI certificate.

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