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Are your ready to take off on your aviation adventure? It all starts here. Your Private Pilot certificate is the first goal in your path towards becoming an aviator.

Our Private Pilot Course is comprised of ground instruction and flight training which are done concurrently with each other. During our Private Pilot ground course you will learn the basics of aerodynamics, communications, weather, FAA regulations and much more. During the flight portion of the course you will learn how to fly a helicopter in all phases of flight to include take off, cruise flight and landings.

The FAA requires that you meet the following minimum requirements in order to obtain a Private Pilot certificate. Total Flight Solutions can help you achieve your goal of being a Pilot through rigorous training and practical application.


FAA Requirements:

  • Obtain an FAA Student Medical Certificate -(find local medical examiner here)

  • Obtain an FAA Student Pilot Certificate

  • Pass the FAA Written Knowledge Test

  • Pass the FAA Practical Test

  • Log 40 hours of flight time including 10 hours solo

Good Faith Estimate


    Dual R-22

    Solo R-22














DISCLAIMER: This is a good faith estimate. Variability in learning styles, consistency, weather, aircraft availability, quoted rental schedules, flight and ground instruction schedules can impact the pricing listed above. Pricing is as of June 1, 2018 and is subject to change at any time.

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